JFI Karate Academy was created in 2009. 

Having trained under Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE since 1983 learning his own Karate style, Ishinryu (a hybrid of Kyokushinkai, Wadoryu and Shotokan), in 2000, after almost 30 years training under Sensei Donovan and three (3) years after retiring from International and national competition, Sensei Janice Francis-Irwin decided to turn all her years of experience including 7 years of experience as a top Karate Champion and elite athlete to inspire generations. She started running her own Ishinryu clubs
and then after 9 years and having had 4 children, she broke away to create new challenges for herself and begin her own Academy.   

The Academy has been running for 12 years and has now graded four Dan students.  Due to the pandemic we now operate both online and dojo based classes. We pride ourselves on the improved life skills given to students young and old. They gain in confidence, improved cognitive skills, focus, coordination, self disapline, improved fitness, strength, flexability, learn to organise themselves for independent learning,  meet new friends and of course learn how to protect themselves. 

The fact that the Chief Instructor is a mother of 4 is evident in the manner in which she approaches her students with patience, understanding, firmness but fairness, creating a real family atmosphere for all.

The Academy also has  policy documents for
- Safeguarding
- Equality and Diversity
- Health and Safety
- Covid19 guidelines 

Available on request.