Sensei Janice Francis-Irwin

3rd Dan

Chief Instructor




Her start in 1987 with only two months of karate brought her the bronze medal in the 1987 English Karate Championships.  Since then Janice Francis-Irwin has proved herself a fighter worthy of a premier position in the world of Karate.

The youngest of five girls (from nine brothers and sisters), to take up the sport, Janice Francis family is probably one of the most successful Karate families in the world.  Joe, Philip, Gregory, Agatha and Janice all hold 3rd dan through to 7th dan grades (all have competed successfully for Britain and are National Champions in Kumite=Fighting). 

Janice to date has amassed a very impressive number of achievements.  Whilst maintaining a full-time occupation as a computer analyst/programmer and part-time fitness consultant it is a wonder how Janice possessed the ability, focus and mental toughness to do well in sport where many (countries) Karate athletes train on a full-time basis

Having retired from competition at the beginning of 1997, Janice married the first ever London Weekend Television Gladiator Champion, Weininger Irwin and together they have two girls and two boys.  Presently she has turned her years as a top Karate champion to develop and instill discipline, technique, good etiquette and confidence in her students.  “Karate has helped me positively in many different and challenging situations throughout life and if I can pass these skills onto my students, I will feel truly privileged and honoured”.

Favourite technique “The Treble”

From Karate I receive






Peace of Mind & Body and much, much more………………