Sensei Alec


2nd dan


Sensei Alec

I started studying Karate with Sensei Janice 20 years ago in her first dojo as part of Goodmayes Ishinryu, all the way back in March 2001.

As a child, I wasn't particularly coordinated or sporty, I had actually been diagnosed with low muscle tone that wasn't correspondent to my age. After attending Physio therapy for a few months, my parents were recommended for me to take up Karate for its benefits across all the different disciplines of fitness. 

So under Sensei Janice as part of Ishinryu, I competed in various local Competitions, attended various Courses under a plethora of renowned Instructors as well as gradually working my way through the Kyu grades. 
Karate wasn't something that came to me naturally, but what it did teach me was to persevere and move forward, not just with Karate but through my life outside of the dojo as well.

After moving on from Ishinryu, I achieved my Shodan (First Black Belt) under the newly formed JFI Karate Academy. Since then, I have been serving as a Senpai (senior student) at the Club to help instructing the other students, while at the same time, continuing to study and deepen my knowledge on the art of Karate as a whole.

I sincerely strive to pass on the lifelong lessons and benefits has brought me by giving back the same to all our students in JFI Karate for their lives both in and out of the dojo.



1st dan


Sensei Joe  

I originally started karate training aged around 6 in East Ham in the early/mid 90s and in this period i didn't enjoy it much at all. A Shotokan related club, I  recall finding the training to be very rigid, repetitive and overall very boring. With no real interest and very little outward effort, I lasted a couple of years only passing the first one or two kyu grades before dropping out.

Alongside my brother Alec and now a teenager, I began training with Sensei Janice within Ishinryu Karate in 2001 and was pleasantly surprised with the training - it was a much more dynamic, explosive and generally deeper style with three clear disciplines - Kihon, Kata and Kumite.

I obtained 3rd Kyu in 2005 and stopped training regulary in 2006 only to resume in 2014 under Sensei Janice within JFI Karate Academy, obtaining 1st dan in January 2020.

I consider myself very fortunate to have trained under some of the top karate-ka from past generations of English Karate and am fully aware of the quality/standard which ultimately resulted in historical achievements of English & British Karate. This has made me fully conscious to maintain the highest standard possible in my entire approach, to karate training. I aim to see this approach influence, aid and develop other karateka within JFI Karate Academy.